Thematic emphasis

I design courses that examine relationships between structures of power and axes of social difference. Students in my classes explore how cultural, racial, class based, gendered, and linguistic differences intersect and manifest in diverse arenas from climate change politics and biodiversity loss to commodity chains and local food systems. 

Teaching experience

I have worked with students at diverse stages of the education system: as a volunteer ESL tutor for elementary school students, as a food systems educator, and as a consultant training graduate students in grant writing. I've taught at a diverse array of university settings, including small liberal arts schools, regional comprehensive universities, and large research universities. Most recently, I've gained experience teaching online and developing large online asynchronous courses. 

Pedagogical approach

From large survey classes to advanced seminars and everything in between, I center four mutually dependent considerations in my classes: linking theory and practice, building curiosity and confidence through active learning, ensuring accessibility, and working to continually ask for and respond to student feedback.